Document version 1.1. Last review: 18/08/2023.

Starting in August 2023, the Southern Journal of Sciences (SJS) has embarked on an exciting journey by transitioning to a Platinum Open Access model. This transformative step signifies a bold commitment to unrestricted knowledge sharing and accessibility. Under this new approach, SJS ensures that all its published content, spanning a diverse array of scientific domains, is freely available to a global readership without any subscription barriers.

This evolution towards Platinum Open Access brings with it a significant change in the billing system. As of August 2023, SJS has decided to eliminate Article Processing Charges (APCs) altogether. This pioneering move aims to further enhance the dissemination of research without placing any financial burden on authors or their institutions. By waiving APCs, SJS reaffirms its dedication to providing an open and equitable platform for researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of collaborative exploration and discovery.

SJS maintains its rigorous double-blind peer-review process, upholding the quality and credibility of its publications. With this visionary shift to Platinum Open Access and the removal of APCs, SJS solidifies its position as a frontrunner in promoting global scientific engagement, ensuring that groundbreaking research is accessible to all, and encouraging the free flow of ideas that drive progress in the scientific community.

As a Platinum Open Access title, publishing an article in this journal does not require an Article Processing Charge (APC) billed to the submitting author following acceptance.

Refund policy
The submitting author assumes responsibility for the fees, if any was selected, and the SOUTHERN JOURNAL OF SCIENCES will not issue refunds of any kind.

1. Donations

The SOUTHERN JOURNAL OF SCIENCES operates by a simple and transparent funding model it relies on donations and optional services that it provides. If you want to donate to the Journal, please make it clear in your cover letter, and we will provide you with the means to do so, normally through PayPal.

2. Optional Services
1) Acceptance Letter for article publication
The acceptance letter is an optional service of the Journal. Suppose the authors need a document to prove that their article has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication before releasing the issue, they may request an acceptance letter for the article's publication, upon payment of a fee of US$200.

NOTE 1: THE LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE may be issued if, and only if, the article has undergone a complete peer-review and is considered ACCEPTED for publication. Letters will NOT be issued for newly sent articles that have not yet been appropriately evaluated and peer-reviewed.

NOTE 2: THE LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE may be revoked at any time if concerns about the manuscript emerge.

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